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Father’s Day With Hi-Tec

A go to gift guide for spoiling dad this Father’s Day. As Father’s Day approaches, there is no better time to honour the cherished role of fathers everywhere. Hi-Tec celebrates the importance of fathers and



It is estimated that at least 10% of South African children have neuropsychological challenges. Neurodiversity, the range of different brain structures and chemistry which is found in the human population, includes people with autism as

Health & Wellness

Nex Playground is here to make movement fun

Video games have a poor reputation when it comes to physical health, but the advent of motion games has changed that impression. Nex Playground brings motion games into the modern era with an all-new active

Health & Wellness

Protecting minds, saving lives

Battling traumatic head injuries in South Africa  In South Africa, as in many other countries, head injuries are a significant cause of disability, particularly among children and young adults. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is widespread


Teens and adolescents need support more than ever

Parents urged to talk about mental health The pressures facing today’s generation of adolescents and young adults are taking a toll on their mental health, increasing the risk of drug addiction and suicide. “Even in


Helping Teens Avoid Sextortion Scams

Takeaways: Having a personal intimate image shared with others can be devastating, especially for young people. It can feel even worse when someone threatens to share it if you don’t give them more photos, sexual

Food & Drink

Back to School 2024 – Creating Healthy Lunch Boxes

It’s easier than you think The 2024 school year has kicked off and parents are back to the challenge of the daily packing of nutritious and appealing lunch boxes.  Time constraints, especially on weekday mornings,


Get Back-to-School Ready with Ackermans

As the 2024 public school calendar unfolds with an extended academic year of 4 more school days, parents need to gear up for the new year’s academic journey by stocking up on uniform essentials and


Unwrapping Kids’ Ultimate Holiday Wishlist

Discover the kind of getaway they really want With the school year drawing to a close and the festive season approaching, many families are gearing up for the beach, bush or berg. However, as the



No registration fees for your pre-schooler Investing in your child’s future is a top priority for parents, and this Black Friday, Dibber International Preschools presents a golden opportunity for parents to give their children the


Rethinking Retirement

Sonja Steyn, Head of Wealth Management Strategy at Consult by Momentum, shares why we should be rethinking traditional retirement in a rapidly changing landscape The retirement landscape in South Africa stands at a pivotal juncture,