Mama Matters

Mama Matters

Laying the foundation for young women to thrive

Three decades into democracy and women are making a name for themselves in industries previously dominated by men. The HER wine collection was founded by an all-African team of women who have made strides to

Environmental Matters

Made with Love

Chef Naledi Toona was all set for a corporate career when she realised she needed to put her family first. Now, she’s an accomplished chef, entrepreneur and the South African curator of the Marine Stewardship

Health & Wellness

Healing Your Inner Child this Mother’s Day

By Jessica Heslop, YouTuber and Meditation & Mindset Coach Have you ever experienced moments in your childhood that left lasting wounds? Perhaps you needed to hear certain affirmations or feel a sense of unconditional love

Health & Wellness

Get the balance back in your relationship

Supporting individual identity to be stronger together Shifts in workplace environments matched with the need to downsize or cut back on personal expenses have led to many couples spending more time at home and in