Kruger Untamed Introduces a Soulful Experience at Satara Plains Camp

Kruger National Park, July 2024 – Kruger Untamed proudly announces the launch of its newest seasonal wilderness camp, Kruger Untamed Satara Plains Camp. Nestled in the central region in the iconic Kruger National Park – or “lion country” as the region is often referred to.

The camp features 30 fully serviced luxury canvas suites, each equipped with en-suite camp-style bathrooms. Guests can indulge in luxurious tented accommodation with comforts including comfortable king-size beds, tasteful linens, and elegant furnishings. Guest can expect a serene and restorative night’s sleep at the camp – right under the milky-way as their canopy.

With a vast wilderness to explore, Kruger Untamed offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with nature in the best months to be in the park – between July and September 2024.

At Kruger Untamed Satara Plains Camp, every moment is a celebration of nature’s untamed spirit. Guests can embark on daily safari adventures, encountering a great diversity of wildlife up close. Whether it’s a game drive, a walking or tracking safari, each immersion promises to be transformative.” says Lysta Stander, co-owner of Chiefs Tented camp, shareholder in the Kruger Untamed business.

Kruger Untamed is sincerely committed to sustainable tourism practices. It recently earned the distinction of a 100% compliance rating in its environmental audit, setting a precedent as the first concession in Kruger National Park to do so. Kruger Untamed blends South African innovation with cutting-edge techniques in waste management, heating, and tent positioning, establishing new benchmarks for sustainable ecotourism.

No doubt that our seasonal approach and commitment to minimal environmental impact influenced Kruger’s decision to allocate us the finest sites within the Park.” Says Alex van den Heever co-owner of World Trackers, a partner in the Kruger Untamed business.

Kruger Untamed Satara Plains Camp invites adventurers, wellness enthusiasts, trackers and nature lovers: from birdwatchers to big-cat-seekers on a transformative journey through the heart of Kruger’s wildest places.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure at Kruger Untamed Satara Plains Camp, where time stands still, allowing guests to catch their breath, reflect, and absorb nature’s healing effect.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact Kruger Untamed reservations at or visit our website at

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