De Luca launches exquisite new eyewear collection

De Luca, renowned for its passion for Italian elegance and simplicity in eyewear design, proudly announces the launch of its latest collection, available exclusively at Spec-Savers stores nationwide. This new line epitomises the brand’s dedication to blending timeless styles with modern sophistication, drawing inspiration from Italy’s rich fashion heritage.

Get to know the De Luca family from the Valentina’s, the Rossi’s, or the Giovanni’s – each piece in the new collection reflects the vibrant charm of Italy. De Luca’s brand mission is to offer stylish and classic eyewear pieces at an affordable price point of R1 799, so that you will always look stylish and on trend, without breaking the bank. The new collection aims to bring the spirit of Italy to life through each frame.


  • Chunky acetate:  While remaining timeless and sophisticated one will find bold, statement-making frames that maintain the simplicity of Italian fashion.
  • Classic acetate: An elegant everyday frame that combines luxury with modern comfort and style.
  • Wire frames: Available in polished metals and subtle matte finishes, these frames cater to diverse tastes with understated elegance.
  • Geometric with a classic twist: Adding geometric styles while focusing on the classic, crafted nature of the brand has allowed for a sophisticated twist on the trending geometric style one can find in all eyewear trends.
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Colours and textures:

  • Two-tone acetates: Frames featuring a harmonious blend of complementary colours, adding depth and character to classic frames can elevate one’s everyday look.
  • Green variations: A vibrant, sophisticated hue inspired by Italy’s lush landscapes, offering a luxurious twist on classic eyewear design.
  • Burgundy red: A deep, rich shade that exudes warmth and timeless charm, suitable for a variety of styles and skin tones.
  • Tortoise shell: One will find a variety of tortoises shell variations within the new range; a tortoise shell patterned frame adds a vibrant charm to your everyday look.
  • Timeless transparent: There is no shortage of timeless transparent frames in most of the new collection’s frames. One can find a variety of transparent colour ways from crystal, grey and green, a transparent variation on the brand’s classic colours compliments the modern sophistication of the new De Luca range.

Discover the new collection exclusively at Spec-Savers and experience the allure of Italian craftsmanship.

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