Aluta Eyewear Launches New African Odyssey Collection

Aluta Eyewear, a brand deeply rooted in the spirit of African resilience and creativity, is thrilled to
reintroduce its stylish and timeless eyewear collection.

Their frames are not just eyewear; they are a statement. Designed for those who dare to stand out in a world of conformity, Aluta Sunglasses offer edgy, stylish, and value-for-money options that empower individuals to break free from conventional thinking.

Introducing the new African Odyssey Collection—each unit named after a town or city on the continent. Imagine a world where every time you put on a pair of glasses, you’re not just seeing through lenses—you’re looking into the heart of Africa. Imagine wearing a piece of Africa’s soul on your face, showcasing its strength, its beauty, and its resilience. That’s the magic we have been creating at Aluta Eyewear since 2016. They’re not just an eyewear brand; they are a movement!

Their name tells their story, their designs narrate their rich heritage, and every frame they sell carries the spirit and the beauty of Africa to corners of the world that have yet to see them in this light. Aluta’s pieces are a bold fusion of style, quality, and purpose, conceptualised by brilliant African minds, infusing each piece with our continent’s essence and promising future. They are not just in the business of selling glasses; they are flipping the script and rewriting stereotypes. They also aim to lift as we rise and give back to the communities that inspire them and have shaped them.

As Aluta set their sights on a global stage, they invite you to hop on board and join them not just as customers but as visionaries who believe in their vision. Let us reshuffle the deck on Africa—let’s reframe Africa—one frame, one lens at a time!

This isn’t just eyewear; it’s a new lens on Africa.

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