Veldskoen’s Chic Take on the Humble Gumboot is Set to Surprise South African Audiences this Winter

The new ladies’ Gumboot perfectly combines fashion with functionality, making it a staple for the all-year wardrobe. 

Cape Town, ~ Veldskoen Shoes ventured into new territory when they launched their latest product; The Veldskoen Gumboot on Friday. The ladies gumboot is designed to meet the demands of both urban and rural lifestyles. 

This is a first for Veldskoen, who already commands the veldskoen stitch-down leather market in South Africa and over 32 countries globally. The opportunity to diversify came when leading safety boot manufacturer Neptun approached Veldskoen co-founder Nick Dreyer with the idea of partnering on a new style of fashion gumboot – an unfamiliar territory for Neptun, too, who are experts in the safety footwear industry. The combination of two leading footwear brands in their respective fields was appealing to the Veldskoen team and the preparations for the colaboration quickly commenced. 

On Friday 21st June, the official launch of the Gumboot took place at VUUR Goose Island restaurant, recently voted the 88th best steak restaurant in the world (see editors notes). In attendance were South Africa’s fashion and lifestyle media, as well as friends of Veldskoen including Springbok Steven Kitsoff and actor Joshua Eady. 

Nick Dreyer, co-founder of Veldskoen says “Welcome to the world the Veldskoen Gumboot, a remarkable product born of two great South African brands, Neptun and Veldskoen. The launch showcased South African excellence in food, wine, location, products, brands and most importantly, fabulous South Africans from all spheres. South Africans that share a deep desire to improve our economy by supporting locally sourced and manufactured products.”

Veldskoen CEO Driekie Zondagh continues, “This is new territory for Veldskoen. We know that Neptun manufactures premium safe wear boots so there was no question they were the perfect partner for us in terms of quality. What was also important was that they manufacture in South Africa – a non-negotiable when it comes to collaborating with Veldskoen.”

The Veldskoen Gumboot is available to buy online in South Africa and the US, and in the UK later on in the year. It will retail for R699  at in South Africa. 

Chic Versatility 
The new Veldskoen Gumboot is designed with versatility in mind, making it a chic addition to any wardrobe. Crafted from high-quality materials, these boots are both waterproof and stylish, suitable for a range of activities from watching school rugby from the sidelines and gardening to city commuting and outdoor festivals. 

Pairing Options for Every Style

  1. Casual Look: Pair the Veldskoen Gumboot with skinny jeans and a cosy sweater for a comfortable, everyday look.
  2. Festival Ready: Match these boots with a floral dress and a denim jacket to stay stylish and dry at outdoor events.
  3. Outdoor Work: Combine the gumboots with durable work pants and a flannel shirt for a practical yet fashionable work outfit.
  4. Urban Chic: Wear the gumboots with a trench coat and leggings for a sleek, urban look perfect for rainy days in the city.

Sustainable Materials
The Veldskoen Gumboot is made from REACH-compliant PVC. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Compliance and deals with the regulations that were created to improve the environment and protect human health. 

REACH addresses the risks associated with chemicals and promotes alternative methods for the hazard assessment of substances, plays a crucial role in safeguarding public health, protecting the environment, promoting innovation, ensuring transparency, and influencing global chemical management practices. Its implementation supports sustainable manufacturing practices and contributes to a safer and more sustainable future for all.

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