5 tips for a stress-free and smooth moving day

Moving to a new home is exciting, but it can be stressful too. In fact, it is sometimes regarded as one of the most stressful things in the average person’s life.

A move requires so much planning that it can feel overwhelming, but by being well prepared you can turn it into a smooth, even enjoyable process. Planning is key – this is definitely one of those times that it pays to be super organised. Follow these tips to keep the stress at bay on moving day.

Live by the list 
Some people are list people and others are not, but when it comes to moving house a checklist may well be a non-negotiable. A checklist helps you to keep track of everything, making it less likely you’ll forget something. It also allows you to tick off tasks as you complete them, giving you a sense of accomplishment and motivating you to keep going if you start getting tired of packing. 

Plan ahead and sort out any admin you can in the run-up to the actual day, such as how your belongings will get from point A to point B, changing your WiFi details and informing your insurance of your new address.

Pack like a pro
If there’s one piece of moving day advice that stands head and shoulders above the rest, it is to pack ahead of time. This is the advice of SweepStars, who clean thousands of South African homes every week via the SweepSouth home services app, and who, on a near daily basis, support clients with packing of this nature too. 

Their advice is to label each box with the intended room and its contents. Use bin bags for transporting clothes by slipping hangers with clothes into them, and pack valuables like jewellery, laptops and important documents separately into a bag that you take in your own car.

Give yourself a day
Whatever you do, don’t leave the bulk of the work for the day of the move. The more you get done a day – or even two days – before the move the less stressful the actual day will be. It may sound easy to pop things into a box just before the movers arrive, but tasks that you assume are small could end up wasting time and causing a lot of unnecessary stress.

All hands on deck
Packing can be a strenuous task, so hire hands to assist. SweepSouth offers help with packing and cleaning on moving day. Empty houses are always dirtier than you’d expect, so book their cleaning service for the old and the new – meaning your old space will be left spotless once the last box has been taken, and you’ll be moving into a sparkling clean home. 

Make sure to, at the end of the day, to take a moment to celebrate that the move is done and to embrace your new space. 

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