Introducing COZY – a supremely luxurious yet absolutely liveable collection of elegant furniture and complementary home essentials from Soft & Co.

Distinctly design forward and steeped in a quest for comfort and an appreciation of quiet luxury, the Cozy collection from Soft & Co leans into a sophisticated yet easy-on-the-eye aesthetic while upholding its focus on substance and quality.

The Cozy collection reflects Soft & Co founder and lead designer Brenda Hart’s response to repeat client requests for furniture and home accessories that are effortlessly elegant yet remain supremely comfortable. “While working on our many hotel, domestic and corporate projects, the team and I have spent countless hours sourcing suitable pieces and commissioning bespoke items that fit the luxe-comfort brief.” Cozy is Soft & Co’s natural progression for their own-designed pieces that are exactly to their specifications and quality expectations and that they know the market wants and will love for many years to come.

Sienna Armchair
Atticus Coffee Table
Maya Ottomans
Brie Desk Chair

The Cozy collection from Soft & Co is a direct response to the homogenous styles so prevalent in furniture and interior offerings. By working with expert craftsmen and managing quality control at every step, each piece is an antidote to mass produced and same-same interior solutions in the market.  

Like the pieces she creates, Brenda’s interior design pedigree, sharpened over three decades and across three continents is impeccable and her appreciation of some of the great design eras can be seen in select key pieces in both the recently launched Cozy collection and Soft & Co’s Voguish collection, launched in 2023. An occasional Art Deco curve, a Bauhaus or Mackintosh detail and the use of classic linens, plush bouclé, timeless leather and timber finishes are hallmarks. Meanwhile, confident quirks and bold flourishes give focal pieces like the Jones Armchair its standout appeal.

“Cozy is opulent yet understated and plush. Aside from the distinct silhouettes we use, much of the luxury in this collection comes from the materiality and the gorgeous palette. We used a selection of tones that are neutral yet warm and engaging while the beautiful textures provide a tactility that is so necessary for creating a soothing and sophisticated haven at home,” says Brenda.


Jones armchair

Jones Armchair
The Jones Armchair is a statement piece that combines modern sophistication with luxurious comfort. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Jones features a sleek leather (or faux leather) upholstery that exudes elegance and refinement. With its clean lines and geometric silhouette, the Jones Armchair boasts a modern and minimalist design aesthetic.

Maya Ottoman
With its small drum-shaped design, luxurious boucle fabric, and stylish leather strap detail, the Maya Ottoman exudes modern elegance and sophistication and is a chic and versatile addition to your living space. Topped with a smooth leather surface, this ottoman adds a touch of luxury and comfort to any room, making it the perfect accent piece for your home.

Juno Bedend

Juno Bed End
The Juno Bed End is a sleek and sophisticated addition to your bedroom decor. Its clean lines and minimalist design create a stylish foundation, while the cushioned top, upholstered in supple leather or faux leather, provides a comfortable spot to sit or rest at the foot of your bed. The quilted stitch detail in the upholstery adds a touch of texture and visual interest, enhancing the overall aesthetic of this versatile piece.

Theo Bed
Leo Bedside Tables
Joseph TV Unit

Each impeccably crafted piece in the Cozy collection can stand alone but is designed to be part of a design family – an effortlessly elegant one. “The idea is that you can select one, some or all the pieces in the collection for your space and you will have a coherent look that feels luxurious and bespoke, and which embodies a sense of supreme and style-centric comfort.”

With its emphasis on liveable pieces, the Cozy collection embraces restraint and substance as well as subtle leanings into classic design eras of our times. “Cozy is a mood – it’s a collection that invites us back into our homes for a chance to recline in comfort, to reflect and ultimately to feel held and revived by the space we create for ourselves.”

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