Launch of Innovative Product Brings ‘Heeling’ Solution to Sufferers

Dry, cracked heels can be extremely uncomfortable for sufferers. This year, everything is about to change as  proudly South African footcare specialists, Kroko, launches their innovative HeelFix – a liquid treatment that quickly covers, protects, and heals cracked heels.

“Kroko has been supplying pharmaceutically formulated footcare products for close on 90 years now, and we’re constantly researching new formulations that will heal foot conditions simply and effectively,” commented Lynsey Hammond, MD of Kroko. “Cracked heels or heel fissures impact a large number of South Africans especially after a long summer in sandals, flip flops or bare feet, and we’ve answered this need in the footcare market with the launch of our HeelFix. This is a transformative, specialised heel care fix that is painted onto cracked heels to form a protective, hygienic layer which allows the cracks to heal. It’s really the best treatment for cracked heels.”

What causes cracked heels?
Cracked heels are a common affliction, but the reasons for the cracked heels can differ from person to person. Over time the skin around the heel becomes dry and thick. When weight and pressure are applied to the foot when standing, walking and exercising, the plump pad under the heel pushes outwards and puts pressure on the skin. If the skin is lacking in moisture, it becomes less elastic so the skin cracks and develops fissures in the heels. Cracked heels can be caused by:

o   Standing too long
o   Wearing ill-fitting shoes
o   Excessively dry skin
o   Using harsh soaps
o   Going barefoot or wearing open-heeled shoes
o   Having flat feet
o   Diabetes
o   Neuropathy
o   Psoriasis

Kroko’s HeelFix – the ultimate solution
HeelFix forms a protective, water-resistant, flexible barrier to cover cracks in heels and prevent them from reopening. This colourless dressing allows natural healing to take place. It can be painted over the cracks to hygienically seal them and allow healing.

Kroko’s HeelFix is currently available at a cost of R104.98 at Clicks stores and will be rolling out to pharmacies nationwide. Heelfix is also available online via Takealot. If your local pharmacy doesn’t stock it, you can ask the pharmacist to order it, or contact Kroko to find a stockist near you!

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