Mervyn Gers Ceramics, the celebrated creator of the iconic Koi and Willow series, proudly presents their latest masterpiece: the Gourmet Couture Collection. This new collection is a testament to their commitment to culinary excellence, inspired by their valued association with the annual JHP Gourmet Guide Awards.

Shireen Ridgway, Sales Director at Mervyn Gers Ceramics, elaborates on their partnership with the JHP Gourmet Guide Awards, which spotlights South Africa’s acclaimed Plated restaurants and gifted chefs. “Our company is a key sponsor of these awards, a prestigious institution that celebrates the finest dining experiences in South Africa. To honour this partnership, we felt compelled to create something truly exceptional and elegant. The coveted Plate Rating system recognises excellent cuisine with one plate, exceptional dining worth a detour with two plates, and world-class destination dining (worthy of a flight) with three plates. Plated restaurants proudly display their Mervyn Gers Ceramics-designed awards as a testament to their culinary success. The JHP Gourmet Guide Awards have partnered with us to represent their values of quality, support for local talent, innovation, creativity, and pure craftsmanship.”

The recent Haute Performance Awards, a culinary gala, recognised exceptional qualities such as Provenance with commemorative platters for seven deserving restaurants. Additionally, special awards like Pioneer, Promise, Property, Programme of Wine, and Pride of SA were bestowed. Notably, the Test Kitchen Fledgelings clinched the Wesgro Purpose & Passion award, and the inaugural WWF-SASSI Green Philosophy Plate was awarded to FYN. In recognition of these extraordinary culinary establishments and their talented chefs, each was presented with a bespoke Mervyn Gers trophy from the Gourmet Couture Collection, representing the diversity and uniqueness of South African cuisine. The collection features a range of distinctive pieces, from breathtaking African pots to fermentation jars and a stylish Champagne cooler. Each item showcases unparalleled craftsmanship and creativity, serving as a tribute to culinary mastery.

Mervyn Gers, the visionary force behind the brand, aimed to craft something truly distinctive, chic, and playful that would captivate the country’s top chefs. “With all the work that went into creating these designs, we couldn’t not do anything further and decided to transfer this concept to dinnerware,” he adds.

The Gourmet Couture Collection is available exclusively through custom orders, offering clients the flexibility to choose from over two hundred unique shapes. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted and adorned, ensuring that no two are identical. As with any handmade masterpiece, there is an eight-week lead time, but the result is unquestionably worth the wait.

Ridgway concludes: “The collection is a unique dinner service, showcasing exceptional artistry and meticulous craftsmanship. At our core, our commitment lies in the creation of one-of-a-kind handcrafted dinnerware that embodies unparalleled artistry, craftsmanship, and sophistication. Our emphasis remains on individuality, enduring beauty, and a touch of rebellious spirit.”

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