Self-Love Sparkles with Absolute Zero & Sparkling Citrus Bliss 

Infuse your February with a fizzy feel-good celebration of self-love! Enjoy this moreish mocktail that’s overflowing with sunshine and citrusy goodness.

Forget Cupid, this February, we’re falling head over heels for ourselves. It’s time to pamper your palate, nurture your soul, and embrace the bubbly joy of prioritising me-time.

Image credit: Michaela Leach

Introducing the Sparkling Citrus Bliss Mocktail:

Absolute Zero Nectar. This bubbly nectar, lighter than air and bursting with vibrant fruit, is the soul of our self-love sip. Zero added alcohol, all bright sunshine in a bottle.

ClemenGold Citrus Soda Pop. Tangy, bubbly, and bursting with fresh-squeezed sunshine, this soda pop is your playful pal for crafting your perfect Citrus Bliss.

Fresh Citrus Fruits. Clementines, grapefruits, limes – pick your citrus muse and unleash your inner mixologist!

Cranberry Juice & Honey. Add a touch of tartness and sweetness to create your personalized Citrus Bliss masterpiece.

Elsje Designs Summer Magnet Notepad. Jot down your self-love mantras, affirmations, and mocktail masterpieces on this adorable notepad, a cheerful reminder to prioritise joy on your fridge.

More than just a mocktail, this kit is your self-love invitation! Here is the 1, 2, 3 of celebrating ME…

  1. Mix up a Sparkling Citrus Bliss. Follow the recipe or let your creativity fizz over. It’s all about savouring the ritual of self-care, one citrusy sip at a time.
  2. Spark some self-love rituals. Light a candle, draw a relaxing bath, indulge in a good book – use this kit as a springboard for your perfect me-time moments.
  3. Share the sunshine. Snap a pic of your Citrus Bliss creation and self-love mantras and tag @almostzero_  @clemengold and @elsjedesigns with the hashtag #SelfLoveSparkles. Let’s inspire each other to prioritise joy!
Image credit: Michaela Leach

This February, ditch the drama and fall back in love with yourself. Pop open a bottle of Absolute Zero, let the citrus sparkle wash over you, and raise a toast to the most important person in your life – you!

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