It’s that time of year again, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Sweet Cherry Time™ is officially here! Patiently awaited by cherry enthusiasts, these delicious small red stone fruits, packed with nutrients, are back for a limited time.

Dutoit, our dedicated Sweet Cherry Time™ growers, have meticulously harvested these sweet, firm, and juicy cherries over a span of 10 weeks. Starting the first week of November, you can place your orders online or find them in select Pick n Pay, in store or online across the country.

Cherries are the go-to addition for festive feasts in December, adding a burst of colour to your decor or daiquiris, enhancing savoury dishes, and inspiring delightful baking creations. South Africans adore these little red wonders, and it’s no wonder why!

They are a seasonal treasure, available for just a couple of months between November and December, with peak volumes from mid-November to the end of December. The journey from orchard to your table involves year-round care, hand-picking, rapid cooling for freshness, and meticulous handling to keep the stems intact and the flavours vibrant.

Despite facing challenges from a particularly harsh winter in 2023, Dutoit’s dedication and extensive orchards were set to deliver a bumper cherry season. While unexpected rains posed a challenge, they still anticipate a crop volume similar to the previous season.

Cherries are not just delicious but also a nutritional powerhouse, packed with antioxidants, melatonin for sleep, potassium for heart health, and B-vitamins for metabolism boost.

After a challenging year for everyone, Cherry TimeTM is here to bring colour, flavour, and festive fun to the last few months of the year. As South Africa’s largest cherry grower, Dutoit Agri wishes all of their cherished customers a season to remember. For more information, visit https://cherrytime.co.za/

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